My Focus


Local Governance (Voice of School)

Building capacity within our Governance Teams (GO Teams) through worthwhile training, relationship building in and outside of our clusters and peer to peer mentoring partnerships should be supported by APS. With intentional training from APS to sincerely produce strong, informed and involved teams, we can construct an environment where decisions related to student achievement and equity come from the bottom up while trustfully supported from the top down.


As a board we are tasked with creating collaborative goals, goals that reflect the needs of our communities and our children. Establishing these shared goals and agreeing on what constitutes success combined with increased transparency through program audits allows for increasing trust and effective two-way communication that ultimately produces a school district that is approachable, accessible and equitable for all.

Early Learning & Vocational Training

We need to support all avenues for increasing academic success by strengthening our early learning programs to improve elementary readiness while also offering robust opportunities for vocational training.


For the city of Atlanta to represent the best of us all, we must expect greater collaboration between our communities and our elected officials in order to create the city and the opportunities our children deserve.