My Mission


While growing up we did not have all the finer things in life; however, my sisters and I were fortunate. Fortunate to have a mother that taught us through her actions about acceptance, tolerance and understanding. Fortunate because while we did not have a lot of money, we were rich in diversity in our school due to growing up in a military town about an hour and half southwest of Atlanta.  After graduating from college and moving out into the real world, I became bothered, confused and upset after realizing that my childhood was not always reflected in this world.  This realization created an internal theme of equality, acceptance and understanding, and I searched to find my way to promote what I wanted to see.

Moving to Atlanta I got involved in my community. What started small quickly grew larger, and I began to take on leadership roles in the neighborhood and the school. Wanting to work toward building a caring and thriving community for all, I realized that all roads lead back to education and our schools.

I believe in Educational Justice which is our obligation to produce an equitable environment that offers the same opportunities of success for all regardless of the color of one’s skin, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or economic status. Schools should be a tool that level disparities while promoting and honoring our differences in order to allow for the growth of a child through development of character.

I believe in our ability to provide each and every child what is needed to create a safe, positive and productive learning environment that allows for all students to flourish academically and socially while knowing and loving who they are.

I believe we have taken some fundamental steps toward this reality by understanding that true change comes from those closest to students. I believe that the voice of the school (principal, teachers, parents, students, community and GO Team) should be the strongest voice, the trusted voice and the voice that can effect real change for our schools, our communities and our children.

I believe as a board we are tasked with creating collaborative goals, goals that reflect the needs of our communities and our children. Establishing these shared goals and agreeing on what constitutes success allows us to then hold all accountable for one thing…increasing student achievement.

I believe in strengthening our early learning programs to improve elementary readiness as well as creating robust opportunities for vocational training.

I believe that no one entity can produce the schools our children deserve, the city we all deserve. We must expect and require all our communities, our stakeholders and our elected officials to work together for a shared positive outcome because our children do not care, nor should they, about adults who disagree or worse, bicker about the how’s in this process. Our responsibility is to them and them alone.

I believe in our children.